About us:
This page has our pictures on it,  
but we would much rather tell you about our King than about ourselves... 

His favor is life. His service is song. And His grace is utterly sufficient...
Little wonder then, that to tell you about "us," and the things we love, 
His name must be used.

We are who we are, and we love what we love,
only because He fills us as He does...



Edwin & Maria

Edwin: Father. Teacher. Healer. Servant.
I am a man - under the authority of Heaven
I am a father - who delights in his family
I am a son - who honors his father and mother
I am a teacher - that is how I learn best
I am a healer - privileged to touch body, mind and soul
I am a servant - of God, my family, and my fellow man
I love - simplicity, excellence and order
I need - more humility, less of me and more of Him
I wonder - at God's grace, creation, the right brain

Maria: Disciple of Jesus. Joyful Wife, Mother, & Homemaker. Student of the Word. Nature lover. Gardner.
 I find no greater joy than loving God supremely, serving my beloved husband and family and knowing that our children walk in the light. Home is the sweetest place on earth and ministering as a family at home and abroad brings my greatest fulfillment. Aspiring to fulfill the role of a Titus II woman is my favorite ministry beyond the home circle. I love the wilderness. I long to see my Savior's face!


Daughter. Sister. Homemaker. Nurse. Violin Teacher. EMT. Resident Travel Agent ;). Outdoors Enthusiast. Happy Gardner .

The three things I love most in this life: God, people, and connecting the two of them. The more I come to know my Lord and what really moves His heart, the more I realize that life is not at all about my own happiness and fulfillment, but His glory and gain. Life is an unending adventure when every line of work or pleasure becomes an avenue for ministry. I love it!!  I want to spend my life running into the darkest places in the earth with the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is worthy...


Preacher. EMT. Project Manager. Media Contractor. Music Teacher. Writer. Graduate Student.

I love the gospel.
I count myself blessed beyond measure every time I have the opportunity to open the Word before one, or one thousand. 
I love people...
When I’m not sharing away from home, or working in my office, I glory in doing my best to soothe hurts and calm fears in the back of an ambulance. 
I love learning.
And so, I'm pursuing a Master's degree in Biblical Counseling. 
Because I love it when the Son makes men free...

Gospel Soldier. EMT. Student (Accounting). Mom's Heavy Labor Garden Specialist and Technical Advisor. Photographer. Cello Teacher. 

I love life, and enjoy trying to find a creative way of living it. I'm passionate about the gospel, Bible study, prayer, journaling and Bible memorization. 
I enjoy learning, and discussing with others what I've learned. I love the giant grape vineyards of God's promise land.
I'm also passionate about ministry, and love going wherever it takes us- whether that be our backyard, or across the globe. I especially love watching a young person sign-on to become one of God's expendable mighties.

Follower of God. Daughter. Sister. EMT. Animal lover. Music Student. Bible History Enthusiast.

I'm a complete home girl. Whether cooking, studying my Bible on my bed, cleaning the house, climbing the mesa to pray, exercising with my dog, ironing mountains of dress shirts, or riding my horse... there's no place like home.
Still, one thing can get me moving away from here: ministry. Whether that means carrying a patient to the waiting stretcher, praying with people, speaking, or correspondence, I love my Father's business.
That's thanks to my God's amazing grace. His glory captures my heart, and I love life because of Him with Whom are pleasures forevermore.
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