Only One Thing

You'd think that after reading a Bible story for all your life, eventually it would become familiar enough to stop landing directly between the eyes. Eventually, maybe eventually, it would stop rebuking you.

But no.

With all my heart I want to sigh as I read the words:

"...Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary."

Only one thing, eh?

How about for a busy mommy with a beloved rambunctious one year old who gets into everything, or, once he wearies of that, has to be held? (Not talked to, not entertained with a toy, no songs, no carrier, none of that, no!! Just held in front, that's the way.) What about making breakfast for the hubby and the said munchkin (who is now acting like he's never eaten before, he is SO HUNGRY)? What about cleaning my house, what about the pile of laundry, what about the emails piling up, what about the 85 texts I haven't yet replied to (no exaggeration, ask my friends)? What about a business that is like a second toddler and needs needs needs? What about the finances and the bills from the doctor and oh, speaking of the doctor she wants labs - and do I try to pursue getting those and get myself and the agitated tiny patient into the car and to the Quest building while, or after coronavirus is "done" sweeping through?

And yep. More than just those things. I could add to the list. And I have to say, many of those things do feel a bit necessary to me. And in the middle of it all, nights can get short, and I can get tired (news flash!) and my time at the feet of Jesus can get pressured, squeezed. 

And sometimes, I admit, when I think of it all, I get a little... Well, I don't think of myself as worried. But maybe. And yeah, a bit... bothered.

Still only one thing? Only one that is necessary?

Only one.

But see, Martha had an important thing going on too - how about making a meal for the Creator and Master and Prince of Heaven? (Just a little pressure?) What's she supposed to do, stop working, not feed Him? Isn't that also necessary?

Apparently not. At least, not the way she thought it was. 

Only one thing. To sit admiringly at the feet of Jesus. To love Him, first, last, best, always. And to listen to his words, the way a parched soul drinks in the water.

That's the only necessary thing.

And if you do that, then what you receive can never be taken away.

Not by a needing one year old, needing business, needing house, needing communications, needing finances, needing news reports. "Not by any other thing in all creation." Romans 8:39

Only one thing is necessary. The only thing that can never be taken away.


  1. Amen! Thanks for reminding us about the things which really matter. Life can be so hectic at times.

  2. Oh! I love you guys so much :) Thank you Natasha for sharing this ��

  3. Also i love the changes you guys made to the website ❤


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