Counting Our Blessings...

22 years ago an adventure began as our Joshua emerged into the world. He was the first (and last) Nebblett baby who would smile at everyone. No one was a stranger. 
God has taken that friendly baby and turned him into a man. A soldier. A rescuer. A friend. 
Walking along side you in the journey has been sweet Joshie. I’ve learned so much from you, as I’ve watched Him shape and mold your life. Through the sunshine and the crucible alike, He has made you what you are today. I am thankful. I’m so glad to call you my brother, my hero, and my friend.


Another journey began more than 26 years ago when someone very precious to us discovered for the first time that she was a mother. Through the years we have watched that special someone (who we are privileged to call “Mother”) pour out her life on our behalf. She held our hand and taught us how to be polite in new situations. She stayed up with us when we were sick. She was our patient teacher during those (sometimes) trying homeschool days. She made the boundaries clear. She taught us what it meant to love Jesus with all our hearts. She was (is) our greatest source of encouragement and inspiration every day... And the list could go on forever.
My little sister asked Mother a few weeks ago, “What is it like to have four young adults in your home instead of four children?” The smile on her face as she answered warmed our hearts. “I love it!” 
We love it too, Momma. We love you.

And 12 years ago, a red safari mini van filled with a brave woman and four adventure-loving urchins drove into this place we now call “Sweetwater”... home to stay. Our daddy followed a couple of months later (as soon as work would allow). 

The Lord watched over us and taught us so many lessons as we carved out a life in an untamed land. Dry wells and overflowing hearts, garden-destroying hail storms and  beautiful moments with God and family in the stillness... through it all He taught us to trust and persevere. We know He led us here, and we are so grateful. 12 years pass quickly when you have experienced such joy and peace, even amidst difficulty. 

And though His call often takes us far away, and though our hearts long for our heavenly home more and more, there is a little corner of this earth that we hold very dear. 

Thanks, Lord Jesus, for bringing us to this place. Thanks for our home away from home.

...and now.


  1. Happy Birthday Joshua!! Hope it was splendid and filled with joy :)

  2. Happy belated Joshua! What a fine man you have become in Christ. I bless the LORD for what He is doing in all of your lives! Love you all,
    Uncle John


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