Dog [my dog] vs. US Air Force - (a lesson in spiritual gusto)

Lockheed C-130  |  US Air Force Photo

So there I was, working under a deep blue sky... This time ripping rough timbers into slats for the top of our giant arbor. The day was absolutely glorious, and my world was unnaturally peaceful thanks to my clunky orange ear protectors.

Our heroic dog, (the subject of this story) was across the lawn lying in the shade of a tree, and watching for gopher action out of the corner of his eye.
Then all at once, we heard a rumble...

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just our "friends" from the airbase down south doing their routine supply drop practice over our house and down our canyon in their C 130. (Every once in a while we change the pilot's name. First he was "Adam," then "Bill," then "Clarence," then "Duke"...)

I kept working.

Then all at once I caught sight of Admiral in my peripheral vision. From his spot under the tree he seemed to be sizing up the massive bird, but his consideration only lasted for a split second. 

The next second, he was light on his feet, chasing the roaring machine one or two hundred feet overhead with the same gusto that he applies to the pursuit of the local ravens and rabbits.

Silly dog.

For a moment the circular saw paused in my hands, as I watched a 65 pound golden retriever chasing 75,000 pounds of aircraft aluminum with no apparent concept of the difference in size. (or elevation)

I shook my head and laughed as he passed me, calling out something about being “silly” as he went. He didn't mind. He just flew by as if he too had wings.

C-130  |  USAF
Then just as I was turning back to my work, I was gripped.
I suddenly whirled back around to see the last of him disappearing amongst the trees and fairly yelled after him--

"YEAH! That's the spirit!!"

Too many Christians shrink into the corner at the mere sound of the approaching enemy. And if they do finally conjure up the audacity to take God at His word and pursue His glory, their stride breaks the moment a motionless spectator calls them “silly.”  
I know. It’s happened to me. 
Ahh friends, where is our gusto?
God never said that our little 65 pounds would bring down the kingdom of darkness. But He has said that he is pleased when “the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

Let Him worry about the enemy’s size.
Let us worry about our attitudes.

 C-130  |  US Air Force photo


  1. Beautiful object lesson! It inspired me. Thank you for sharing. :-)

    Funny, our dog does the same sort of thing. I don't know if she's chased a plane yet, but the birds that are 50 + feet in the air she goes after. She'll run with all she's got and with her eyes looking upward only on the bird. Sometimes she even runs into the house! lol But yes... Look upward to Him that sits on the throne and run and fight with all we've got and in His strength, and the impossible will be our possible!

  2. Thank you for that thought! It is so true...

    "'The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.' This violence takes in the whole heart. To be double minded is to be unstable. Resolution, self-denial, and consecrated effort are required for the work of preparation." (YI 5-24-1900)

  3. Resolution, Self-denial, Consecration... Love it! Thanks...

  4. YEAH! That's the Spirit!!! Love it! Oh that we would remember that more often...

  5. What a blessing to discover your family blog! I've now added it to my list of favorite links! ;-) I so appreciate your lives and ministry. You visited Oklahoma Academy and my parents (The Hollands) a few years back, and I always heard such good things about that. And I am blessed to keep seeing you here and there around the country. Your life is a testimony of praise. Can't wait for the newest CD to come out! And oh yes, one of these days, you have to come visit us at ARME Bible Camp. Thanks again for sharing!


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