In Retrospect: Walla Walla

The God we serve makes us rich... 
Not in earthly goods perhaps 
but in things so much more valuable.


How can we articulate to You, beloved Master,
what it means to us when You pour Yourself out in such
measure that the faces of your children glow
with the light of heaven?

How can we express the joy, the all-consuming,
overflowing sea of exhilaration we
find in serving you?

How can we say enough "thank you"s for filling

 us faster than we can empty ourselves?

We can't.

And words wouldn't do it anyway.
But we can live for you...
And by Your grace,
we will. 


  1. I saw the glow in the faces too, reflections of the light of heaven. The sweet spirit of God was touching hearts. Every person I've seen since the meetings say "Thank you."


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