We love New England...

We love the landscape saturated with history.
We love the regal old houses, and the monuments to yesterday's heros.
We love the smell of old books, white churches in the woods, cobbled streets, brick buildings...
Marble. Sandstone. Granite. Gravestones polished smooth by 200 winters.
Waves on gravel beaches. The salt-smell of the sea. The cool breeze even in late spring.

But all that could go, and we would still love New England.
Because God is there... And because multitudes of human hearts beat there.

I'll never forget looking out a 16th story Hyatt window, praying for New England. 

And I'll never forget the way God filled us as we sought to make His name great in the Northeast.
We have ten-thousand reasons to thank You, Father...

...lots more photos from our trip here.


  1. When was this that you took this trip?

  2. Like New England too. But I sill like big mountains and the smell of pine trees.

  3. We love having you in New England! There is a great need for strong spiritual leadership here, and every time you come there is a stirring within the ranks. We will keep praying for the great work you are doing.


  4. We love you! Come visit again soon!


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