Mercy Comes Down

Two weeks early.

And I sit at my desk a few feet away from french doors thrown open. Just screens between me and the elements.

I watch rain fall--
breathe freshness.

The eagerness of the ground to receive is beautiful.
This ground is ready for rain. Has been for a long time.

My little camera rests in one fist.

My soul leaps longing at the rolling of thunder.

My mind turns to other ground likewise desperately in need...

And I wonder: Is my heart as eager?
Is my life ready for rain?


  1. That object lesson struck home for me.

    And the rain is just... Beautiful! Praise God!

  2. Yes!!! _jumping up and down_ He did it! He did it! :D He sent the rain early!!! ptl

    Mmm...eager soil...And there is as much rejoicing in heaven when it soaks up the water of life...

  3. Brother, your second photo is prodigious!

    Happy to hear we received rain... PTL!

    See you soon... :)

  4. @Araya + Jenae: Yes! Isn't God good?

    @Joshua: Like it? ;) Can't wait to see you!

  5. Sean, I'm so happy you have rain :) I've been keeping myself updated on the weather there and I was so excited for you, that you had a chance of rain. God is good all the time! :)

  6. Hey Sean, you took those photos?

    Don't tell me anything more about not being a photographer. Your second photo was something people with BIG DIGGERS only wish they can do.

    We need rain over in Datil though, it's as "dry as the hills of Gilboa" over here!!

  7. :D Yes, with my little SD970 no less. Manual settings are out of reach, but the fireworks effect is pleasing.

  8. Hey did you get my e-mail?

  9. Wow!!! Sean, since you took those pictures your for sure a photographer ;) and like Emily said don't tell me anymore you are not a photographer! Defiantly that second picture is better then the pictures I have!

  10. Whahoo! Rain! It came...blessings come through raindrops, don't they?


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