Happy Birthday, Chantée!

Hearts sing high praises today at Sweetwater...
December 2004
Celebrating the gift of life. 

To us, not just any life...

The life that God has used, and continues to use 
to stir up vision, action, and obedience...

No other heart in this house breeds so much enthusiasm.
(a terrible understatement.)

For as long as 3 of us have lived, God has been pouring out love through her life.
And when after years of parents' prayers the dawnings of real passion, conviction, and commitment were breaking over the second generation under this roof, she was first to own them. 

She is still often first to own...

So today we honor our God for giving us the joy of her life. 
And through her joy, greater love for Him...

We love you, Chantée! 

June 2011


  1. Happy birthday, dear Chantée! I am so thankful for your godly example. You are having a profound influence on so many people! I pray you will have a blessed birthday!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday,Chantée! Many blessing to you on this special day, from our Heavenly Father!

  3. Grand fun today! Love you all.

    Happy Birthday to you Chantée!

  4. Happy Birthday Chantee!!! (hugs) God bless you in this new year of life and may you be granted not only many more years but eternity! :-)

    Love you!

  5. Happy Birthday dear Chantee!!! Sending you kisses and hugs from Romania!!! ^_^

  6. Thanks so much friends! I praise God for each one of you, and the many others He has placed in my life. My family and friends are my greatest gifts, apart from God Himself. Thanks for the greetings all the way from Romania, dear Maria! :)


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