Blessings. Lessons. Still Reveling.

My eyes danced and my heart laughed. Grace worked. 
But I didn’t know. It was my own heart He had restored.
It’s exciting when you leave a battle with more energy than when you engaged it.  Especially since stronger arms can count the sword more dear when you return home. 
It’s a privilege to fight gospel battles. Huge. 
My knees burn. Here I fight. There is more to be won. 
Special thanks to all our friends who were with us- either in person or through your prayers. 

The sight that met our eyes every afternoon.

Singing in the beloved carpet room. 

Sean and a young friend, Jaron. 

Sabbath afternoon walk


A quiet dinner after all but a handful had left- Sunday evening. 


  1. Glad you all were blessed! You sure are a blessing to us in the US as well!

  2. I love those pictures! I especially like picture 3 and 7 :) Wish I could of been there... And may God continue to bless the beautyful work of the Nebb's!


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