Sunday, August 14, 2011

To the brim...

Our hearts are overflowing... again.

I love it.  
We’re full.  Not just because it’s the most fulfilling thing in the world to see a sea of eager faces responding to the gospel, but because we ourselves have been moved- and it’s left its indelible mark. 
Today we waved goodbye to hundreds of friends- some new, some old.  Tomorrow we take flight ourselves. 
Although the Nebbs have flagging health, there are few things that could make us happier right now. 

Here's a quick photo taken on a walk yesterday. More photos of interest will be uploaded once I get home and catch up on some sleep.

(Note to European friends, email me at for full res photo if desired.)

1 comment:

  1. Will be praying for your safety back home... its such a blessing that you all were able to touch many lives there in Europe. God bless you all!


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