25 years and counting...

Yesterday the oldest Nebblett boy turned 25.

In between packing for another departure from our home, we celebrated. Celebrated the work of God.

I've watched God change Sean from the phlegmatic child of years ago to a soldier, sharp, firm, loyal, who loves to take the kingdom of heaven by violence.

When I've learned something in my Bible, Sean is bound to be the first one I'll tell about it. And just why? Because the minute I open my mouth and say I've learned something, he's all ears. I get partly through my lesson, and he's all-out excited, adding comments, dark eyes dancing. By the time I'm done, my joy over what I've learned has been squared; both of us are rejoicing...

That's what God does. Sean wouldn't want me to say more about him; he'd want me to talk about his Master. Because He is a God that takes a child's hand and turns him into a man and a soldier of the cross. He's a God that always works for the good of His children- always. 

Happy Birthday, Bud. May God continue what He has begun in your life. 
And may we have many more opportunities to "exalt His name together". 


  1. That is beautiful, Tash. Tell Sean I wish him a happy new year of life. (From all the Lombards, I might add.) I miss you all so much. I cared about you guys before, I thought you were great and doing the Lord's work, but when you visited our house, it really knit my heart to all of you. There was just something about it.. Sending love, I hope we meet again soon.

  2. Thank you my dear Niece.. precious words, exalting our Loving LORD in giving Sean another year to 'Praise God from whom all blessings flow!'

    My love to you all, Uncle John & Family

  3. Funny thing I was Thinking about you guys today and then this...

    It truly is a wonderful thing when I think back over 10 years and realize what God has done for each one of us, the things he's taught us, the places he's brought us; I'm so proud of Him!

    Happy birthday Sean and may you all have a beautiful week!

  4. Beautiful thoughts, Natasha. Thank you for sharing. Your words have planted a hope in me that by God's grace I will someday write similar thoughts about my brother.

  5. Christina shares the same birthday :-) Only, she's 12 years younger . . .


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