Thank the Lord of the Harvest

We're counting our blessings... Even though they get us up early and sometimes keep us up late. (And keep us away from this blog!)

We were not nearly through preserving peaches and tomatoes when our first ever significant harvest of corn got ripe. Now the carrots (think: hundreds of pounds) are waiting their turn behind boxes of apples from Colorado. The house smells like pie at least 12 hours a day.

And everybody does their part. :)

And you thought dogs didn't like corn?

salsa on the way. (tomatoes and peppers from neighbors north, garlic from neighbors west.)


  1. mmmm... delicious :D It looks like you certainly received an abundant harvest!

  2. What fun! :D Praise the Lord for so many blessings... And all the help you need to put it up.

    BTW, our dog, Sam, (a Miniature Pinscher mix we acquired in late spring) likes corn, too. He loves eating it, but he'll also take the cobs, carry them all around, and eventually bury them! It's very amusing. :)

  3. Oh wow... Is there not any corn worms there??? We tried corn here once and the racoons and the corn worms got to it before it was even ripe.
    If you need any more jalapenos come here we have plenty! :)

  4. Beautiful produce!! I absolutely love the fall harvest (even though it does get quite busy at times)! God is good to give us blessings in the shape of vegetables and fruits!!

    Our dog also likes corn... but corn doesn't like him, so we try to keep the two separated! :) He also likes carrots... Last year he discovered where a few remnants were in the garden and had a feast...

  5. @Katherina: Next to no corn worms this year. Another blessing on the list. :)


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