With Gratitude...

I’m usually a pretty happy fellow, so I don’t like it when my spirit heads south. 
The last week has been so full. What time wasn’t taken by GYC preparation was filled with personal family growth opportunities (aka trials). We usually like to talk it all through as a family, but the week just hasn’t afforded more than a partial evening’s rendezvous. This usually wouldn’t put me in crisis mode, but this weekend we’re really in need of catch up time for a number of reasons. 
Needless to say, we were so looking forward to collectively landing back at the house in Socorro to talk it all over last night. Imagine the distress, then, when 30 crazy miles of unopened interstate turned Mother and Chantée back to spend another night in Albuquerque.  
I was tempted to be angry at NM Highway Patrol. Why in the world would they have opened North bound, and South bound was still closed after 12 hours of fairer weather? (Granted, lazy flakes still descended here and there, but the horrific wind and drifting had certainly ceased...)
As the western clouds began to provide an ambient night-light, I started getting what dementia caregivers call “sundown syndrome”. Everything went blue. 
At the height of my disappointment, heaven sent a dove to remind me of my thoughts just 24 hours earlier. I had been electrified by the exhilarating effects of clearly answered prayers. God had made realities of seemingly impossible opportunities. Not just once, but time and time again. 
Now here I was, on my face because He decided it better for my prayer for reunion to be answered with another delay... Silly boy. I guess I had forgotten...There’s always something to smile about. Always a gift to rejoice over. 
Thank you, my Jesus, for the reminder. 
“Or maybe not, not today
Maybe You’ll provide in other ways 
And if that’s the case... 
We’ll give thanks to you 
With gratitude...