Because We Love the Songs You Love... [Next CD Project]

Quiet, I watch jays and juncos flutter through freshly fallen snow in search of seed.
I hear in their contented chirps a song I've been learning over months of treasure hunts my own--

His way is peace... and perfect freedom.

I heard the same thing in the summer when the birds sang at dusk as well as dawn
(We've got a few lessons to learn.)

We do a fair bit of singing in this house. (epic understatement.)
And not because it's always sunny... 
It's because it fills our sails for the storm. 

Actually, when we're all together on one level, 2 minutes is often the most we go between snatches of some sonnet.
And that is grace to us... Because we also often feel like we're sailing high seas in half a cider barrel a piece. 

Oh, we've swallowed our share of salt water to be sure... 
But we're learning to laugh at the waves. 

And somehow, these cider barrels are proving unsinkable.

But see, that's why the song means so much to us...
_ _ _

So we've got a question. Next month marks a year since I Cannot Tell was tracked in our basement studio. And next month, we will be recording again... We've got a list of songs our hearts love to sing, but we want to hear the list your hearts love.

And they could be songs you've heard us sing, or favorites we've never heard before...

Just do one of three things. :)

1.)  Comment on this blogpost with your requests/suggestions
2.)  Post a comment in Google+ with the same (if you're reading from there)
3.)  Drop us an email at thenebblettfamily[at]gmail[dot]com

As a little thank you, we'll put your names in a hat and when the CD is done in a few months time, we will give away a dozen copies. :)


  1. Can I put in my wish? I would probably be....let me see.....the song Sean, Joshua, and Natasha did that one week....the one aunt BJ asked for. I really liked that one! For real!


  2. I agree with Emily. Good pick.

  3. "Lord Send Me Anywhere" Words by David Livingstone, music by Majesty Music.

  4. I also vote for "I Will Change Your Name." ;)

  5. My vote it for "The Strangest Dream" [at least I believe that's what it is called. The one that goes "What would you say? What would you do?"]. Looking forward to another Nebblett family CD!! :) Blessings!!

  6. Yes Brittney, that song is called "The Strangest Dream"…I'd like you all to sing "Be Still My Soul" It's Nalani's song I've sung to her since she was a baby and I don't have a recording of it that I really like.

  7. Oh, you all are so amazingly sweet to have folks
    share their suggestions. I would honestly second Emily's vote for the song Joshua, Natasha, and Sean sing; is it "Down On My Knees"? Seriously :) It has a wonderful message for "soldiers of the cross". Also, Dr.
    Nebblett or Sean could sing "Refiner's Fire".
    Can hardly wait to hear the next CD. Our family absolutely loves ALL the others! May God bless you exceeding, abundantly and keep the cider barrels all right side up:)

  8. The Secret Place. In the book "The Best of Ron Hamilton". The Secret Place is a beautiful song with a beautiful message. My son sings it just a bit different than Ron Hamilton and it speaks to the heart.

    1. I would love you to include: "Lord Send Me Anywhere" Words by David Livingstone, music by Majesty Music.!

  9. you raise me up? that one is nice ;)

  10. I don't know the name, but I really liked the song that Sean sings in this sermon:

    1. That one is called "Precious Lord Jesus" and is available on the album "To Live Is Christ."

    2. Thanks! I was just wondering which album to order! Now you made me choose!

  11. What about the song - Captivate us? It has beautiful lyrics!


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