Luggage rolls across the floor again.
Bibles. Passports. Sermon notes. Smiles...

We'll be out of here early, once more to open the Word of God with eager young people we're honored to call our friends. 
Once more to go on our faces (before we stand on our feet,) begging for rain.
Once more to taste the goodness of God. 

Pray that this won't just be another Northeast Youth Retreat... 
Pray it will be the fuel to the flame. The beginning of the end.

We want to go home.


  1. Wish you could stop by on your way! Would love to see you all;)

  2. I'll sure be praying that God will give you words especially for those people there at NEYR. btw, Can't wait to see you all in four months! :)

  3. You are in my prayers. I know God has special blessings for everyone at NEYR. Wish we could be there… :)

  4. Yes, we'll keep your family in prayer.


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