The Other Side of the World...

My head is full of thoughts that defy expression. Have I only been here a week? It feels like so much longer...
I sat cross legged in the little Khmer church this past Sabbath, trying to soak in every drop of the experience. A hot little body sitting in my lap, his head tucked under my chin. Singing (or attempting to sing) the hymns that sounded so different from the ones I’ve grown up on. The faces of the church planter and his wife riveted me. So earnest. So full of the Light and Life that I love too.
My little friend was trying to get me to help him color during the sermon. “I’m listening”, I whispered. He craned his neck around to look at me with wondering green-blue eyes. “But how can you listen? You don’t understand what they are saying!”
Good point. But I’ve found out this week that you don’t always have to comprehend to be able to listen. I’ve listened with my ears, eyes, and every other sense this week. And I’ve learned so much.
I’ve learned that the hearts of people are essentially the same the world over. At first glance, it seems that the gulf between their world and mine is so wide. Are we even living on the same great green earth? But as I’ve come closer to them in the past few days I’ve realized... We all live, hope, sorrow, rejoice. We are all part of this great web called humanity. And Jesus longs to call us all His own.

Have you ever been to a market in Cambodia with two blond kids to keep track of? If not, you have missed out on an adventure!

At church with a sweet Pnong lady we grew to love overnight.

The bus ride. Very benign experience compared to the taxi. :)

Preaching at the church at SALT.

Sunset over Siem Reap.


  1. My mom went to market in Thailand whilst trying to keep track of two red-heads (ages 1 and 4)... does that count? It quite the adventure just trying to keep ahold of her hand or sarong! :)


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