Love is a Miracle

I don't believe we will ever be able to stop saying "thank you."

The gift of a lifetime of memories is itself more than enough.
We can't ask for more. And yet, we have more.
Far, far more.

We have more memories than usually fit into two lifetimes.
And more joy by far than fits into seven hearts.
And a few tears, but not even a hint of sadness.

Love is a miracle. That's all I have to say.

And you are miracles. All of you taht poured out weeks of planning, and days on the ground. Your kindness melts us. Really.

We'll never stop whispering "thank you."

All photos credit: Milton Nebblett Jr.


  1. How beautiful! So happy for you all!! Patience and waiting upon the Lord, proves to be the best option and decision in the end! :) Sending hugs and love!

  2. Beautiful! A testament to God's great love... of faithfulness to HIM. Thank you for sharing!

  3. The thank you is ours as was a privilege and an honor to be a work and play with laugh and cry see love unfolding...truly live is a miracle.

  4. Awesome - Congratulations Chantée and Luke!

    May the Lord multiply your talents as you work together for Him and hasten His soon coming!

  5. The video of their first meeting is adorable - so natural and sweet. That was the first time I'd seen the video, and it's very good! I especially like the last photo-shoot with the Fisher Farm shirts. :)


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