That's My Jesus

July 29, 2012
I'm riding on the wings of the wind over the coast of Canada, homeward bound from GYC Europe. I love sitting on a window seat over a wing, because I can watch the wonders of physics real time - one glance at the beautifully flexed wing of this B767-400 and I can see those invisible forces at work which hold tons of metal and fiberglass and hundreds of people in the air. That same substance I walk through and breath in and which never resists me at all - that same substance holds me miles up and tosses me about. That same substance is evermore around me, in me, with me, unnoticed but indispensable; that ever-present lifeline that holds me even while I walk through it down the aisle of this plane. It rocks me to sleep in the hammock and gently tugs my hair, or it whips the sea to fury and demolishes the genius of man. 

Reminds me of Him who lets me "walk up and down in His name," and yet bears me up on eagle's wings and makes me to ride on the high places of the earth...* The One who hushes my spirit into peace and gives His beloved sleep, but can shake terribly the earth... The One ever merciful and mighty, whose gentleness is strength under control, who holds children and breaths out stars, feeds sparrows and governs galaxies, wipes away tears but wages cosmic war... The One who died amid a reeling earth and mighty thunder yet lives to love. The Almighty is so soft with me. The Immovable and Unchangeable allows me to move His heart, and will change the world for one soul's prayer. The One ever in universal demand is never too busy to seek out my friendship. 

That's my Jesus. 

Evermore around me, with me, too often unnoticed but unequivocally indispensable, that ever-present Lifeline that holds me while I walk. In Him I live, and move, and have my being. 

This is what life looks like strapped into seat 21A, inbound Munich to Atlanta. I see Jesus. And I love the sight. 

*Zech. 10:12, Ex. 19:4, Deut. 32:13. 

Recommendation: Always journal. Always. It reminds you of everything you forget... 


  1. I love the sight too... I often dream of that day when I don't have to be in an airplane, and I can fly with all my family and friends in the sky! :) Thank's for the encouragement, Tash.

  2. That's my Jesus too. Oh, how much I love Him! And yes, journalling is an essential of life… :)

  3. Oh, wow. I loved this sentence, "The One ever in universal demand is never too busy to seek out my friendship." What a Friend!

    Thanks for sharing these melting thoughts, Tasha.


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