[Note: this journal is from the week of September 23-29. My great apologies for the delay in posting]

A full week. 
Sunday my sister was married to the most wonderful brother-in-law I could hope for. I couldn’t be happier.
Monday was caught up in returning 400+ chairs to their respective homes and visiting with the still bustling crowd of happy friends.  
Tuesday I tried to catch up on work, which had been slipping for weeks due to wedding prep. 
Wednesday and Thursday I sat in EMT-Intermediate class all day. 
Friday I’m on a plane headed for MD for my grandpa’s funeral...

So here I am. Looking down over the flat, brown terrain somewhere between Albuquerque and Atlanta- probably over Texas or Oklahoma.  My mind-- tabula rasa. 

Suddenly my mind flashes back to when I’m 6 and on one of my first flights over this same terrain. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I imagine that airplane toilets flush straight into the sky, and puzzle about why hadn’t seen any particulate raining down in my back yard... 

That fresh young mind. Interest. Wonder. Amazement. 

Here I am,17 years later, looking over that countryside- and for a brief moment I wish for that simple life where my biggest perplexities are why I haven’t seen rain from the planes. I want that young mind back free of worries, with its insatiable desire for learning. 

No matter how much data, trivia, perplexities, joys, trials or blessings are packed into this little brain- when sitting at the feet of Jesus, I’m still a little child. I still know no more of the comprehensive wonders of the universe of Love, now, than that happy-go-lucky 6 year old did of life and its cares then.

Oh Lord Jesus, never let the wonder die. 


  1. Amen, brother! Oh, to sit at Jesus' feet more often...

  2. Oh Joshie, I was blessed to read this. Thank you for posting! It made me smile too. :) It never occured to me to think that airplane toilets flushed into the sky... I wasn't as imaginative as you as a child, I guess. Miss you buddy boy.

    Your big sis

  3. Joshua, thank you for posting this! I thought of airplane toilets flushed into the sky too, only I was seventeen...and I whole-heartedly join you in this prayer "Lord Jesus, never let the wonder die. Never let the Alice-like love of a 6-year old fade away..."


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