Cochabamba Campmeeting

Upon leaving our little hotel room in Cochabamba, we were driven to a local church where we boarded a bus with fellow brethren headed for the camp. On this ride every passenger had a seat- a rare thing with any means of transport here. [side note: It’s amazing  how it’s permissible to pile as many people as one cares into a taxi or bus, or how the bed of every truck is as liable to have passengers as not. Here you can sit on top, hang off the sides, or do just about anything else you care to, in the middle of the city or on country roads- no one objects.]

The campmeeting was a baptism (in more ways than one). Blessings did abound for all of us. The camp timekeeper faithfully had everyone out of their rooms with the familiar sound of his persistent whistle and in the amphitheater singing by 5:45 in the morning. One thing’s for sure; our Bolivian friends gave the North Americans present a new understanding of the word earnestness. :) It was a joy to forge new friendships and strengthen old ones. 

One of the highlights here was witnessing a new birth by baptism on Sabbath afternoon. 

From Cochabamba we took a 4 hour bus ride to the jungle orphanage in Villa Tunari, but I will pick up from here in a forthcoming blog post. (probably weekend coming) The camera battery is dead, and I foolishly left the charger in my suitcase at the orphanage- a 45 minute drive down this mountain valley. We’ll wait to post when we have access to the accompanying pictures...

 Bus ride to the camp

Walking to church

A view along the way


The amphitheater 

New friends!

Practicing for a special music