O Lamb Of God For Sinners Slain

A request just before the AMEN conference this year for a song led to this... A mixture of old lyrics and new, of ancient love and fresh wonder. Best appreciated in context of the stirring message it followed.

O Lamb of God
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O Lamb of God for sinners slain
I plead with thee my suit to gain
I plead what Thou has done, to make me one,
And bring me to Your side again...
Didst thou not die the death for me?
Jesus, remember Calvary
And break my heart of stone, it is Thy throne
My days are Yours from start to end.

O Lamb of God for sinners slain,
Yours was the loss, and mine the gain
Let me remember, burn as an ember
And love as You ordain...

O let Thy Spirit shed abroad
The love, the perfect love of God
In this cold heart of mine, let warm sun shine.
And light the earth with faith and love
O might He now descend and rest
And dwell forever in my breast,
That I might faithful be, that He might see
And satisfy His soul's request...

Take the dear purchase of Thy blood
My Friend, and Advocate with God
My Ransom and my Peace, my Sweet Release
My Helper, Healer, Guidance, Stay
Surely Who all my debt hast paid
For all my sins, atonement made

The Lord, my Righteousness
All Holiness
Perfect in Faithfulness
And Graciousness
The Strong and Sinless One
For me undone
That I might live to see
His Majesty--

O Lamb of God for sinners slain,
Yours was the loss, and mine the gain
Let me remember, burn as an ember
And love as You ordain...

Lyrics: Seán Nebblett
(Adapted and Expanded from early 1800s hymn by Charles Wesley)


  1. This song has a very good meaning for every one. Thank You Sean!

  2. Thank you. It is a beautiful thought to start the Sabbath with.

  3. Beautiful words and song. Thank you for sharing Sean!

  4. Sean what a gift you have. Praise God that you use it for His glory. Your voice...it has such a power to speak to the heart. Thank you for sharing

  5. Are your other albums available for purchase through digital download?

    Thank you:)

    1. Hi Samantha, we sure do. :) both of our most recent albums are available on CD baby, and ICT is available on iTunes as well. The others are available directly through us, email thenebblettfamily[at]gmail[dot]com :)

    2. Thanks Sean! I just purchased both off of CD Baby and will be contacting you soon for the others. Thanks again! :)

  6. Hey, this is a great song and I was wondering if you give or sell the sheet music for piano to this song. Or do you sell the sound tracks?

  7. Dear Sean!
    We've listened to this song over and over... it's so beautiful. God has blessed you with a talent and you certainly are using it for His glory! May He continue to bless you and your family!
    ~Shanna, for the Duke's.


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