We Love Our [Tia] Tasha!

As you might imagine, Lovie and I [Seán] spend a fair bit of time these days weighing how best to guide and guard the little soul that's been placed in our charge. Every day she gets a little smarter, and a little stronger, and we feel our need run a little deeper. And we pray for wisdom, and we glory in watching her grow.

And we rejoice in hope of a beautiful future. Not just because we have the promises-- though, the promises are surely enough. God has given us and ours more than enough though. He's given us a little glimpse of the promise fulfilled, living and breathing, and walking, and raising a little prince of her own.

And since today's her birthday, we thought we'd pause a second to say "thank you," to her, and to Him.

So here goes:

Dear (Tia) Tasha--
For showing what it means to love even when it hurts, and give even when you're tired, and stand while everybody else is sitting, and believe when everybody else is laying down their arms. . . And for being the kind of role model we could name our little one after, so that all her life long she might be reminded that it would be smart to try to be like you-- thanks.

We thank Jesus for you.
And we love, love, love you. 💕