Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blessings. Lessons. Still Reveling.

My eyes danced and my heart laughed. Grace worked. 
But I didn’t know. It was my own heart He had restored.
It’s exciting when you leave a battle with more energy than when you engaged it.  Especially since stronger arms can count the sword more dear when you return home. 
It’s a privilege to fight gospel battles. Huge. 
My knees burn. Here I fight. There is more to be won. 
Special thanks to all our friends who were with us- either in person or through your prayers. 

The sight that met our eyes every afternoon.

Singing in the beloved carpet room. 

Sean and a young friend, Jaron. 

Sabbath afternoon walk


A quiet dinner after all but a handful had left- Sunday evening. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

To the brim...

Our hearts are overflowing... again.

I love it.  
We’re full.  Not just because it’s the most fulfilling thing in the world to see a sea of eager faces responding to the gospel, but because we ourselves have been moved- and it’s left its indelible mark. 
Today we waved goodbye to hundreds of friends- some new, some old.  Tomorrow we take flight ourselves. 
Although the Nebbs have flagging health, there are few things that could make us happier right now. 

Here's a quick photo taken on a walk yesterday. More photos of interest will be uploaded once I get home and catch up on some sleep.

(Note to European friends, email me at for full res photo if desired.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We're at camp now...

Several messages a day through the end of the week, and a heap of blessings. 

Thanks for your prayers!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Travel and Austria...

We're gearing up for our first weekend near Munich Germany.

The last few days have been spent in a quaint little town in Austria.  Tomorrow we pile back into the condemned minibus, and take it another 2 hours before parking it for good.  :)  (see a few pictures of the minibus crisis here)  It still drives, but drinks more water than fuel by far.

Fetching water for Amer Opa (the van) from a nearby stream

On our way up the alps we stopped for lunch in Lugano Switzerland.  It was lovely. 

The next stop was to get Chantée's violin fixed. 

Opa finally rolled into Häselgehr around 23:00.

I thought Austria had been over-romanticized.  It's actually more beautiful than it's made out to be.  Pictures just don't do justice. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Torre Pellice

It's Wednesday morning.

In an hour we leave for Austria. Our time in Italy has been so amazing. Sean expressed it well here.

So as to avoid duplication, I'll share a few images we didn't mutually capture.

Breakfast with our kind hostess, Danielle.

Sean enjoying his foray into photojournalism


In a cave that was someone's safety

Marcel, our driver.

Lunch by the College of the Barbs

Walking home from the monument of Sibaud

A few more...

A few hasty shots out of the car window in Switzerland

Uh oh! More of Austria and Italy later! I didn't get any yesterday because I was behind the wheel.

We're headed out into Torre Pellice just now...

A Photo Update

24 Hours. 5 Countries.



A few more to come...
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