Friday, October 21, 2011

25 years and counting...

Yesterday the oldest Nebblett boy turned 25.

In between packing for another departure from our home, we celebrated. Celebrated the work of God.

I've watched God change Sean from the phlegmatic child of years ago to a soldier, sharp, firm, loyal, who loves to take the kingdom of heaven by violence.

When I've learned something in my Bible, Sean is bound to be the first one I'll tell about it. And just why? Because the minute I open my mouth and say I've learned something, he's all ears. I get partly through my lesson, and he's all-out excited, adding comments, dark eyes dancing. By the time I'm done, my joy over what I've learned has been squared; both of us are rejoicing...

That's what God does. Sean wouldn't want me to say more about him; he'd want me to talk about his Master. Because He is a God that takes a child's hand and turns him into a man and a soldier of the cross. He's a God that always works for the good of His children- always. 

Happy Birthday, Bud. May God continue what He has begun in your life. 
And may we have many more opportunities to "exalt His name together". 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Worthy Savior

Humanity's unworthiness is a self-evident fact. 

Jesus Christ's worthiness is a sure thing.

Then let every doubting soul take hope and courage, because he
has One who is worthy to be his Savior.

His only hope of salvation is to lay hold by faith of a worthiness which he has not but
which will be supplied by Jesus Christ our righteousness. 

This Day With God, p. 261. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sometimes we momentarily forget:

This is why we are alive.

When nights seem too short, and lists seem too long, and the phones ring off their hooks, (wait, cell phones don't have hooks.) and the GYC inboxes fill and keep filling, and deadlines stare, and work and school shout, and dear Grandmother needs and keeps needing...

Sometimes we momentarily forget.

But then 6 people get in the car, with prayers, and bibles, and the garment bag, and a burning love for what they do.
And then if we have momentarily forgotten, it all comes back.

This is the reason the Nebblett family exists.

Not to gain, but to give. To serve.
This fills us up.

Last weekend we had the blessing of ministering in Silver City, 3 hours south.
This weekend we have the blessing of ministering at Heights SDA in Albuquerque, 3 hours east.

Joy overflows.

We stopped on the way home to soak up memories... 
A few miles from our "home base" during University days.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank the Lord of the Harvest

We're counting our blessings... Even though they get us up early and sometimes keep us up late. (And keep us away from this blog!)

We were not nearly through preserving peaches and tomatoes when our first ever significant harvest of corn got ripe. Now the carrots (think: hundreds of pounds) are waiting their turn behind boxes of apples from Colorado. The house smells like pie at least 12 hours a day.

And everybody does their part. :)

And you thought dogs didn't like corn?

salsa on the way. (tomatoes and peppers from neighbors north, garlic from neighbors west.)

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